Yingzhi Luo – Chi Chi/ Currently based in China/ Vegetarian wish to be a Vegan/ Buddhist/ Fashion designer/ Fashion blogger/ personal shopper/ Amateurish fashion illustrator & photographer

Crystal dress and bracelet, Chi Chi Luo; Pink sequin dress, Beyond Retro

Photography by Eleanor Hardwick

Stylist:Tess Yopp at The Book Agency;
Hair: Nicole Kahlani at Bleach using Kevin Murphy;
Make up:Danielle Kahlani using Clinique Skin Care and Narz;
Set Design: Luke Abby at Jed Root;
Models: Kathleen O’Brien at MandP and Jutta Ronkainen at Profile;
Photo Assistant:Anna Olszewska.

Pink Haze for Bullett:







There are so many beautiful things in the world,

but I have never had the opportunity to appreciate them.

It is because,

my world is too small,

I need to go out and open my mind.

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佚名 1980—1990年代作 四季仙鹤图


earrings(pic.1), tops(pic.2 left) and flower crown(pic.3) by chichi:))


-In Full Bloom-

O’logy Magazine -no.11 April 2012

Photographers: Ola Grochowska ( & Andrei Zach (

Styling: Emma Pulbrook(

Hair and Make-up: Pace Chen( using Nars for Make-Up and Bumble and Bumble for hair

Models: Diana @ Premier   Megan @ Model 1

Editor: ChihweiTseng

Paradisal Getaway @ FUSSED Magazine – the summer issue

Stylist/Art Director: Tom Bloomfield
Photographer: Holly Broomhall
Make up & Hair: Rachael Karen
Model: Lexi @ Select

1: Macrame dress by ChiChi Luo. 2: Cropped top and high-waisted skirt by Shivani Chavda. 3: Cropped top and full-length dress by Shivani Chavda; earings by ChiChi Luo. 4, 5 & 6: Macrame and chiffon dress, earrings and sandals, all by ChiChi Luo; dress worn underneath by Shivani Chavda. 7 & 8: Platform wedge heels, open front dress and feather necklace all by Shivani Chavda9: birds of paradise dress by Shivani Chavda. 10:PilyQ white sundress from (just seen); dark denim swimsuit by Sambag and brown and red leather bracelets by Sho London (unseen). 11: Chiffon cropped top, top and skirt by Shivani Chavda; earrings by Chichi Luo. 12: Macrame jumpsuit, mask, earrings and sandals by ChiChi Luo; feather necklace by Shivani Chavda.
With thanks to HPR London.

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Top: Chichi Luo
Skirt: Jennifer Morris

Top: Chichiluo
Fringe skirt: Jennifer Morris
Gold clips and green ring: Labouddica

Dress: Chichi Luo
Headpiece: Yuanzi Wang
Watch ring, White ring: Labouddica

Hand-painted Shirt: Indra Moroder Kirk Kilisse
Dotted top: Jessica Au
Vest: Chichi Luo
Shorts: Julia Reimann
Watch ring: Labouddica

Hand-painted jacket: Indra Moroder Kirk Kilisse
Dress worn open: CC KUO
Top and skirt: Chichi Luo
Long skirt: Vintage Marimekko
60′s Glass bracelet , Gold chain bracelet, 70′s Bronze cuff, Gold dragon ring, 60′s glass clips, all Labouddica
Shoes: stylist own




Photography by Meg Hutchison –
Styling by Linnéa Nordberg
Hair & Make Up by Siobhan Drew
Model – Lizzie @ TESS Management





We must accept finite disappointment , but we must never lose infinite hope.

Martin Luther King Jr.




‘这个世界上有两件事情是不能等的,第一件事情是尽孝,第二是行善 ‘

‘There are two things in the world that can’t be waited: be filial to our parents and respectful to our elders; be charitable to others’



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Namo Amita Buddha


Don’t know if people who know me have ever noticed that there is always a bunch of wooden prayer beads on my left hand.

Actually it is given by Buddhist master Ben Huan few years ago. I have been wearing it since then.


news from

Chinese renowned Buddhist master Ben Huan passed away early Monday morning on 2nd April, 2012, a Shenzhen-based temple announced on its official website.

Hongfa Temple, where the 105-year-old master Ben Huan practiced Buddhism announced that master Ben Huan passed away at 12:36 a.m.

Ben Huan was born in 1907 and became the first abbot of Hongfa Temple in 1992. He was elected honorary president of the Buddhist Association of China in 2010.



Hey  friend, let me tell you a secret,
I think this summer I will leave this city… and going to start a new life in a new city, where is closer to my hometown…
Life is all about ‘dream’, there are many dreams we need to treasure, to seize, to pay, to gain, to give up…
So… I can’t waste time on waiting for dreams to come true, I am going to fight for them! 



‘whether next destination is paradise or not, even if I am disappointed I will never be hopeless’
– mayday